Transport, Customs Services, Expertise


Planning and realizing

Heavy Lift Cargo - we take care of it

Transabal Transport conducts the forwarding of entire machinery, oversized parts and overweight cargo. After a shared analysis we plan and carry out the shipment, be it import, export or within the borders of Switzerland.


Analysis, Advice, Execution

Logistics Consulting

We provide you with the needed expert knowledge for succesfull transportation undertakings. Including...

  • Information, support and answers to all general questions related to forwarding
  • Expert advice and mediation on tax and customs issues
  • On-site training of your logistics workforce


Israel und Jordanien
From Basle, Switzerland to Israel and Jordan

Isreal and Jordan

For many years we have been offering a weekly groupage container service from Basle, Switzerland to Ahsdod, Israel. The transit time averages 10 days. From Ashdod a lorry connection is available to Amman, Jordan, arriving the same day.